Senior Living Classes

Our Dance World brings the love of dance to Senior Living, and we come to your facility! Contact us today to set up a free demonstration. What are you waiting for?!

Meditation- Clear the mind!

Meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness different from the normal waking state. The mind is clear, focused and relaxed. You are fully aware and alert, but your mind becomes silent.

Tai Chi- Slow Motion!

Tai Chi is both mental and physical centering that helps balance, reduce stress and improves circulation. This unity of movement, breathing, and concentration contributes greatly to physical and mental health.

Chair Yoga- Come get your Yogi on!

Learn the fundamental principles of yoga through basic standing and seated poses, breath awareness and relaxation. This class deepens flexibility, and strengthens personal body awareness.

Chair Work Out- Get fit while you sit!

A fun class designed with a focus on flexibility, range of motion, balance and strength while seated in or using chairs.

Low Impact Hip Hop- Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop!

Adults have fun exploring coordination, rhythm and strength in an exciting dance form. Performing free movements allows the dancers to add their own personalities.

Low Impact Zumba- Feel the beat!

Zumba is a dance fitness class based on a mixture of Latin and international rhythms. Get ready to have a total blast!

Fitness for Seniors- Boot Camp Ready!

Low Impact Fitness focuses on cardio, strength, and endurance. This class increases flexibility, joint stability, balance and coordination. We include a warm-up, cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and stretching to fun hip music.

Stretch and Strength- Stronger and Flexible!

Stretch and strength helps strengthen core muscles and increases flexibility while focusing on body position and postural alignment.

Pilates- Big Minds and Little Bodies!

Engage the mind and body through strength, flexibility and coordination. Improve your posture, balance and reduce stress as the body moves.

Our Dance World Party- Hit the Dance Floor!

This class combines Dance and Fitness with easy to follow dance steps and great music. Ready to get your heart pumping to your favorite tunes? Lets have a Dance Party!