Enrichment Classes

Ready to bring Our Dance World to your enrichment program?  Our innovative, fun, and informative classes are designed to deliver the very best experience for everyone.

Creative Movement- Hop, skip and jump your way to fun!

This is the ideal class for the young dancer. Creative Movement uses imagination to develop gross motor skills, coordination, and balance.

Ballet- Pointe those toes!

Ballet is a graceful dance form. The focus on balance, flexibility, and rhythm improve gross motor skills and self-discipline. Ballet technique will be introduced at an age appropriate level.

Tap- Ready to make some noise!

Tap dance is a great way to learn rhythm, stay active, and have fun!

Modern- Let’s improvise!

Modern encourages individual creativity and self-expression. The interpretive movements focus on balance and alignment with dance technique at an age appropriate level.

Jazz- Jazz it up!

Jazz is an upbeat, sharp and versatile dance form. We include a warm up, across the floor movements, leaps and turns to lively music.

Contemporary/Lyrical- Express yourself!

This class is a fusion of Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet. Student connect with the music and movement in a passionate way. It is one of the most expressive forms of dance

Ballroom- Cha Cha Cha Ooh La La!

Ballroom Dance will focus on teaching styles such as the Cha Cha and Foxtrot while using proper technique and etiquette. It is a fun experience to grow and develop not only individually, but socially with a group leaving one confident on the dance floor.

Hip Hop- Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop!

Children have fun exploring coordination, rhythm and strength in an exciting and upbeat dance form. Performing free movements allows the dancers to add their own personalities.

Dance Party- Hit the Dance Floor!

This class combines Dance and Fitness with easy to follow dance steps and great music. Ready to get your heart pumping to your favorite tunes? Lets have a Dance Party!

Zumba- Feel the beat!

Zumba is a dance fitness class based on a mixture of Latin and international rhythms. Get ready to have a total blast!

Dance around the World- A World of Fun!

This class combines a mixture of World Dance styles such as African, Persian, Indian and Flamenco. Let us take you around the world through movement with the best selection of music and international rhythms.

Yoga- Come get your inner Yogi on!

This is a fun and playful class introducing poses, breathing and relaxation through games, teamwork, and imagination.

Pilates- Big Minds and Little Bodies!

This class combines focused breathing to calm the young mind, flexibility and coordination all while having fun.

Gymnastics- Tumbling Dancers!

This class combines fun activities and games while strengthening coordination, spatial awareness and social development through basic gymnastics skills.